Faceplant Dreams: inspiring pillowcases

Inspiring Pillowcases

Faceplant Dreams was launched in 2008, but the seed was planted years ago.

At an early age I learned that if I read through class notes before I slept, I could recite them in detail in the morning.

As I travelled through life and too many hotels, I occasionally found a friendly message on the pillow after turn-down service that said, “Sweet Dreams and a pleasant tomorrow” or some equally warm sentiment.

Although it was a simple gesture, it always felt kind of personal, and just for a moment, gave me a sense of comfort and ease before I drifted off to sleep.

And of these two concepts was born the idea for Faceplant Dreams; Read something positive, playful or comforting before you “Faceplant” into your pillow at night and let it cycle through your mind to inspire positive dreams.

Our pillowcases are 100% cotton and are manufactured through companies that emphasize environmentally friendly processes, fair wages, healthy working environments, gender equality and the development of self- sustaining communities.

They create their pillowcases to inspire the people who manufacture them, the partners who distribute them & the customers who enjoy them.

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