Sid Dickens Memory Blocks

2013SidXmasAcclaimed artist’s Memory Blocks

Acclaimed artist Sid Dickens delivers his Memory Blocks twice a year. These timeless works of art are made of hand-poured hydro-stone plaster. They are hand-painted, stained and leafed then finished with a smooth porcelain quality or distressed to create on aged look and feel.

As an authorized dealer that maintains a vast inventory Statements Home Decor is delighted to assist you in starting or expanding your collection.

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NEW!   FALL 2013 Memory Blocks Collection:



FALL 2012 Memory Blocks Collection:
Sid Dickens Tiles Fall 2012
Sid Dickens Tiles Fall 2012
Spring 2012 Memory Blocks Collection:


Fall 2011 Memory Blocks Collection:

See our Dickens Collection PDF for more memory blocks from recent collections. (opens in new window)

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