Charlie, the Shop Dog

Charlie, the Shop Dog

Since so many customers are charmed and curious about our Shop Dog, we thought we would pass along a few facts about him.

Charlie’s breed is a Cavachon, i.e. a Cavelier King Charles and a Bichon.  He will be 6 years old in January, 2012. 

He is a delightful combination of breeds, sweet like the King Charles and playful like the Bichon.  He does not shed, is not yappy, is a great watch dog and has a wonderful temperment. 

As you may have guessed, he loves people and loves his job of meeting and greeting customers with a toy in his mouth and a wiggle in his rear end! 

Charlie thanks you all for finding him so cute and giving him that attention that all dogs love.   He looks forward to greeting you often as you come and visit our store.






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